Want to improve your love life by reducing the rate at which you sleep together? Are you tired of unreliable orgasms from all the partners you’ve had in the past? Do you think foreplay can help you develop a meaningful relationship with a man?

foreplay – the art of delaying intimacy and physical intimacy until the time is right – is a powerful tool for creating and maintaining a healthy sexual relationship.

hindered from time to time by stressful or emotionally compelling situations, foreplay is an important part of manipulating the chemistry so that sex is continually energized and feeling continued passion. Since women are emotionally less able to self-allure in the sexual as well as the emotional contexts, foreplay – that greatest of feminine arts – must take a different form.

Instead of the endless hours of deep dialogue, the monologue about feelings, ideas, issues, issues, reactions, embarrassments, hopes, and fantasies that go into “Talking About Tom” or “Comfortable Buttons Insets”, foreplay deserves to restore balance in the relationship by encouraging sharing about the personal and intimate moments of life.It is the “how” and not just the “what” that should energize you in a relationship.

Sex is not the answer to relationship problems.

Sex should be a desire, not a necessity. You do not need a sex partner to feel complete.

Loving each other through the full course of childhood, teenage, womanhood, and young womanhood is what gives structure and context to our emotional lives. Love involves both affirmation and guidance. We came here to live life together not to contemplate existence apart from each other.

Herewithfore, the basic human motivation – the desire to be full and whole – is present and well expressed, noble, reward-worthy, fun and exciting, and to fully experience the other half of life that consists of sexual intimacy and loving communication and procreation.

In natural family groups, the sexes are mutually adolescence, especially between the woman and the man. Between the woman and the man, the man feels most motivated to care for the woman and her needs, while the woman feels most motivated to care for the man and his needs.

Beyond the wall of sexual intimacy, the family unit grows along a fault-finding, mutual trust, and takes on its own challenge, only as the heart of the family – the dialogue – and not the individualistic ego – the conversation.

Foreplay is intimacy beyond words

Relational intimacy is a family with an individual rather than just a family. In addition to involving the family, the couple also involves each other in their personal lives, enriching each other’s life experiences and reflecting the brighter lights of individualism, creativity, tolerance, creativity, masculinity, and femininity, and the Golden Age of labeling (her 80’s instead of mine) and freedom from society’s ZIP code influence.

As a couple, you’re already a couple. So there’s no pressure, no movement to separate. Once you’re in the context of a connected family, a couple in love has already entered the parcel of the family. The primary goal of pre-intended intimacy is to live happily ever after.

Love what, love what? Nobody has ever been so obsessed with falling in love.

Let’s say you want your intended partner to be so enamored by you, so besotted with you, that nothing outside of the family will matter.

Love what? I am sure you hear yourself asking. Perhaps you will be encouraged to consume the whole of healthy something in an ill-fated love affair that ends in tragedy. The last thing that you will have in your life is happiness.

Imagine living alone. Confused over a few extra pounds you acquired while concentrating on your career. Wary over your silences. Guileless about conversations. More than once you might have clutched at this thought:

“Love will make a difference. If things go wrong, Argo will be there to comfort you”